Railway of Moravian-Silesian Cities

Dráha moravskos...
Dráha moravskoslezských měst,Kojetín-Těšín-Bílsko
This twelfth publication published in the edition entitled "Library of our museum" contains details about the Railway of Moravian-Silesian Cities. The history of the entire track has not yet been published.The book also describes the development of individual rail stations and stops. All their historical names have been documented. These railway stations Valašské Meziříčí, Frýdek-Místek, Český Těšín, the connecting line to Bílá and the smaller railway station Frýdlant nad Ostravicí are documented in detail. Nor the section of the track in Poland, where part of the line is already out of operation, was forgotten. Passages about the division of the railway during the establishment of Czechoslovakia and Poland and the influence of political changes in the Těšín region in 1938 are also very important.
The last chapter describes the preparation of the electrification of the track in the section leading through the Beskydy Mountains.
The brochure presents the most voluminous description of the Moravian-Silesian railway and surprises with a lot of of new historical facts.

Price: 200 czk

Railway Workshops in Krnov

Železniční díln...
Železniční dílny v Krnově
In this eleventh publication, published in the "Library of Our Museum" edition, is recorded a part of the history of another main railway line in the Moravian-Silesian Region. After the Northern Railroad by the Emperor Ferdinand and Rail Tracks of Moravian-Silesian Towns it is the Moravian-Silesian Central Railway. Many of the activities of the Moravian-Silesian Central Railway in Krnov are known from various historical materials and documents and another sources. The history of Krnov´s railway junction is very interesting. It points out at the symbiosis of the railway and the city at different times. The publication does not describe the detailed history of railway workshops, but describes a large number of previously unpublished facts and documents, the development of changes in the repair company, technical and construction development of workshops and the impact of political and territorial changes in the Krnov region. In the end of this publication the authors introduce to their readers in an interesting way with the privatization of workshops at the turn of the 20th and 21st century, which then became a successful and modern company for repairs, reconstructions and also production of rail vehicles.

 Price: 150 czk



Locomotive Depot: Bohumín

Lokomotivní dep...
Lokomotivní depo Bohumín

The publication is about the spell of operation and maintenance of steam locomotives, passenger and freight wagons, and later the beginnings of the first motor and electric traction vehicles. It is about the lecture units EM 475.1 in the Ostrava region, the history of the Bohumin railway station and the Northern Railway of the Emperor Ferdinand, Lipník - Bohumín.

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Locomotive Depot: Ostrava


The publication describes the spell of operation and maintenance of locomotives, motor vehicles, passenger wagons and freight wagons. It also describes the development of the heating plant and the locomotive depot in Moravska Ostrava – Přívoz.

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Railway Workshops in Ostrava


The publication describes the Ostrava rail workshops, which in the 19th century gradually became the second largest workshops in Austria-Hungary, together with workshops in Floridsdorf, Austria. From the beginning of steam operation, the workshops have not only maintained maintenance and demanding repairs of freight and passenger wagons. Especially interesting chapter was the repair of steam locomotives, carried out in their own locomotive.

Price: 120 czk

Northern Railroad by the Emperor Ferdinand: Lipník – Bohumín

Severní dráha c...
Severní dráha cis

The publication deals with parts of the track of the first steam railroad in the Austrian monarchy from Vienna to Bilska. It is also about the construction of technical uniqueness, such as the present-day viaducts between Jezernice and Hranice na Moravě. An important part is also devoted to the municipalities Moravská Ostrava and Přívoz. This year it will be 750 years since their first written mention in 1267.

Price: 140 czk  This brochure is already sold out.

History of the Railway Station: Bohumín

Historie tratí ...
Historie tratí Bohumín

This brochure contains previously unpublished new information on the status of the local railway with connection to Studénka station on the Northern Railway of Emperor Ferdinand.

Price: 110 czk

EM 475.1 Electric Units in the Ostrava region


The publication is about electric units in the Ostrava region and contains a lot of photos and chapters not yet published, which are complementary to their gradual development until they were put into proper operation in 1965. This publication creates a comprehensive monograph of this series and tries to familiarize the younger generation with the history and also tries to attract their interest in these vehicles.

Price: 100 czk




The Rail Track History: Ostrava Svinov – Opava Východ


The brochure deals with the emergence of the Northern Railway of Emperor Ferdinand and its branch line to Opava. This publication complements our exhibition exposition. The reader here discovers the history of the stops and municipalities through which the track passes. And it also includes station plans, documents and photographs from traffic.

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150 Years of Báňské Railroads

150 let BÁŇSKÉ ...

This publication briefly describes the origin, development and operation of the mining railway in Ostrava. The main theme is the history of towage tracks to mines and races in the Ostrava-Karviná district and their operation in relation to rail transport in the Ostrava region.

Price: 60 czk    This brochure is already sold out.

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